Selecting the right musical License is essentially one of the most important decisions you can make as a recording artist. There are three different types of music licenses that are available through Ten Fingaz LLC., respectively a Lease License, Creative Control License and an Exclusive License. Below we shall compare the features and benefits for each available music license through Ten Fingaz LLC.



Download File Type: MP3 Versus WAV

  • 24-Bit WAV Audio is the standard and arguably the optimum audio format for countless professional recording studios. This retains every sonic detail of your sound and music intact without loss of quality. Due to the extreme high-definition quality, the file sizes tend to be very large in storage space on a computer.
  • MP3 Audio became the standard for internet streaming web-sites and music downloads due to the lower storage size it requires. All download files that are in MP3 are kept at 320 kbps which helps retain the quality as much as possible to the original source material.
  • If you are purchasing with the intent of using the instrumental to be professional recorded or mastered, having the WAV files is highly recommended.

Musical Rights? What are my rights as a songwriter?

  • There are dominantly three main musical rights that are granted by us at Ten Fingaz LLC., namely Mechanical, Performance and Synchronization Rights.
    • “What are Mechanical Rights?”
      This grants you the authority and right to publish your music to some type of media (e.g., CD’s tapes) for public distribution. You have been granted the authority for the musical composition to be reproduced. Mechanical Rights is granted with all Music Licenses we offer.
    • “What are Synchronization Rights?”
      This grants you the authority and right to synchronize the music with audio-visual images for television, soundtrack for a film, video, commercial and other formats.This right is granted with both a Creative Control License and an Exclusive License. However we do grant you the right to reproduce solely for YouTube with all license options.
    • “What are Performance Rights?”
      This grants you the authority and right to perform the musical composition in a public place live or broadcast. Examples includes, concerts, restaurants, clubs. This right is only granted with an Exclusive License.
  • Only with the Creative Control and Exclusive Licenses are you giving the right to edit or apply changes to the purchased composition.

What are the Non-Exclusive Licenses you offer?

  • A Creative Control License and a Lease License are both non-exclusive licenses which grants you the right to use the reproduce the musical composition for commercial use such as internet streaming Services, CDs, tapes, YouTube videos and other versions thereof.
  • With the purchase of a Lease License, you will receive the instrumentals without any vocal tags in a single high quality MP3 file format.
  • Creative Control License grants you the access and the right to use the grouped file stems of the instrumental. This is more ideal for more serious projects which allows you the artist and your studio engineer to create a better sound mix of your project by giving you the access to the different sounds for more Creative Control.
  • In hindsight these two license options does not offer you exclusivity to the instrumental and as such, any other entity may purchase/use the same instrumental as well. In order to gain full exclusivity you will need to purchase an Exclusive License

How do I receive the beat(s)/file(s) I have purchased?

Once payment is received you will be sent an email receipt which includes all the files to your purchase in a matter of minutes or instantly depending on your internet connection. This is only for purchases pertaining to non-exclusive licenses.

What are track outs/file stems?

This refers to each individual instrument/sound represented in their own respective and separate audio file as they would appear in a mixer channel in a recording studio. Grouped file stems refers to the combination of multiple  instruments/sounds into a single shared file. A Creative Control License compromises of grouped file stems, where as an Exclusive License gives you 100% individual file stems.

Do I need an Exclusive License?

If you require the instrumental to be solely/exclusively yours and not available to any other entity then yes. This is highly recommended for any serious projects such as Albums, Music Videos, Films, or anything that will be on radio broadcast or Television. This License grants you full control and full rights (such as: Performance, Mechanical Rights and Synchronization Rights) for all commercial use  and outlets.

How do I purchase an Exclusive License?

So you’ve found a beat that is just what you’re looking for but you want to get the exclusive rights to the track, what is the process for this purchase method? In order to receive a quote for the beat in question please go to our Contact Us page and fill out the form that is there. You will receive a response within 24 hours for the quoted price and you will be issued an invoice for payment once we are in agreement to the cost.

Once payment is completed you will be electronically sent the Exclusive License Agreement documentation which will needs to be signed and dated and sent back to us via Email. Once the Exclusive License Agreement has been signed and verified you will receive all your files and stems momentarily through a download link that will be sent to your email address.